Title: A Terrible Beauty
Artist: unknown
Year: 2003
Synopsis: As yet unreleased novel
Comments: James Walls won a contest on the Graham Masterton Message Board recently and the lucky bast..., uh, chap, was kind enough to send me a scan of his prize. Above is a proof cover of Masterton's 2003 horror novel 'A Terrible Beauty'.

This novel is being published in Poland as 'Katie Maguire', Masterton's original title for the work. I can't say I'm happy about the fact that GM's publishers in the U.S. always seem to change the name of his books. From Bonnie Winter and Katie Maguire to 'Trauma' and 'A Terrible Beauty'. GM respects the publishers opinions and does make a good point, you can't argue with a professional sales force. I just think the original titles were better in this case. The U.S. market seems to need explicitness in it's horror titles.

The line 'A Terrible Beauty' was taken from the Yeats poem, Easter 1916. Click here to read it.

James W, congratulations on your prize and thanks for sharing it with us!