Pinnacle Books
Title: Phobia
Artist: uncredited
Year: 1980
Synopsis: Film tie-in as by Thomas Luke
Comments: A novelization of the screenplay for Phobia. I'm afraid I haven't read the book or seen the film in question. Here is a link to the Internet Movie Database's record on the film. They don't like it very much. The first review calls it "John Huston's nadir".

But GM only wrote the novel, not the screenplay and he used a pseudonym. I wonder how authors come up with the pseudonyms they use. Did GM use Thomas Luke because he thought it sounded cool? Is he a fan of Dylan Thomas and 'Cool Hand Luke'? Did he choose it because alphabetically it was so close to Graham Masterton and the books would site right next to each other on the shelf?

A cool cover, the guy is busting out of that statue and he looks scared s***less. Maybe he has a phobia about being covered in plaster of paris and set up in a museum somewhere. Maybe they plastered him naked. Dunno.

Thanks to Kent Songer for this one.