Title: The Secrets of Sexual Play
Artist: uncredited
Publisher: ONYX (Penguin Putnam imprint)
Year: 1999
Comments: Ahhh, yes, all the sex manuals are going to make their way onto this website soon. I think in terms of watching covers evolve over time, this may be the best group to watch. Think about how sexual values, what's considered 'sexy' and sexual marketing have changed over the past 30 years.

It's funny that at a typical Barnes and Noble or Borders bookseller I can only find one or two of Graham's horror novels but the sex manuals are always fully stocked. I read a short story recently where a woman was described as (and I paraphrase) "very chic, intelligent and powerful, she read Graham Masterton". We must always remember that our favorite author is also the world's favorite 'sexpert'.