Title: Ritual and Walkers
Publisher: Warner Books
Year: 2002
Synopsis: Ritual and >Walkers from The Graham Masterton Official Website
Comments: This is the proof for Graham's upcoming omnibus. It's a crappy scan, the shiny foil lettering and the cover art look 100% better in the actual proof. The painting from the cover of Ritual ranks up there with Les Edward's cover for The Djinn as the most recognizable and impressive GM covers of all time.

I am trying to get into the head of first time GM readers who pick up this volume. Can you imagine reading both of these fabulous novels in one gulp? They will be desperate for more, which hopefully, will lead them here...

A big thank you to Graham Masterton for not only providing this cover but for being so accessible and kind to his fans around the world. Thanks Graham!!!

Remember Mariano Baino will be bringing this to theater's soon, so read about it at Ritual The Movie.