This is an evolving list of Masterton links as I scour the search engines for Masterton info. Be patient and check back often, I will make daily updates. If these links are broken that means things have moved, a not uncommon phenomena on the Internet. My suggestion is to find the dirty bastard responsible and push him around a little. Oh yeah, I'm not responsible.

The Official Graham Masterton Website The official Graham Masterton site. This is the first place anyone should visit to learn about GM. Run by Matt Williams, Masterton expert and co-creator of Manitou Man
The Official Graham Masterton Discussion Board Also maintained by Matt Williams. Your chance to interact with Graham Masterton.
Ritual the Movie Mario Baino's great website for his upcoming feature based on GM's novel 'Ritual'. Excellent flash opening.
HorrornetAll things horror at horrornet. Masterton fans and info to be found here and there.
Pen of Chaos GM French WebsiteLooks like an interesting site if you speak french. The link is a Google english translation. Maintained by 'David Dark'. Hmmm, maybe I should start calling myself 'Brown Jenkin'...
6 Bears French Culture Magazine 'Discussion with Graham Masterton'An english translation link to a site with an interview with Graham and some great pictures. Remember, a lot gets lost in these automated translations, but you can usually get the idea...
Masters of Terror interview with Graham MastertonAn excellent interview by Andy Fairclough.
The Unofficial Graham Masterton websiteA French Site with some great french editions and a french discussion board. The link is to an English translation.
Tangled Web BooksA short review of 'Tooth and Claw' and a bibliography.
Dorchester PublishingMeet the author with standard PR blurb and photo.
William Gridler dot comGreat tribute site to William Girdler, who directed the Manitou motion picture. Contains an interview, clips from 'The Manitou' and lots of great information about this director who died tragically.
World Horror Con 2003GM is the guest of honor. Have you made your reservations? I have...
Fantastic FictionFantastic fiction page on GM. Very informative
Horror dot comShort complimentary review of "Master of Lies"
Locus Index to Science FictionAmazing Index of GM's short stories including places and dates of publication
French Fan SiteAnother French Fan Site, pretty cool to see "le Djinn" instead of boring old 'The Djinn'. Link is translated.
Author's DenShort bio of Graham and a way to contact him.
Fantastik.deTranslated link to German site with excerpt from Prey. Translated automatically it makes amusing reading with lines like 'Briefly before sunrise I was torn by a verstohlenen, schlurfenden noise from the sleep.' All the German I know I learned from Hogan's Heroes so don't ask me what a schlurfenden is.
ws.plA Polish bookseller. This link is cool just to see how many of GM's books have been translated to Polish. He's HUGE there.
Kevin Minnion's homepage. Author and artist who illustrated Graham's 'Bonnie Winter' novella.
French Reviews.Link to a translated French review of 3 of Graham's novels. Once again the automated translation makes for amusing reading. 'This history faggot of improbabilities and far too long exhausts' bwa-haha
French Bio.A short bio and very complimentary overview of Mr. Masterton. Translated from French.
Andy Fairclough's top 100 horror novels.GM makes 44 and 45 with Death Trance and The Pariah. Are you telling me 'Christine' was better than 'The Pariah'? Well, it's personal choice...
Cemetery Dance.Cemetery Dance page on 'Bonnie Winter' limited edition. Order Now. Beofre it's too late.
Fictionwise.FW page on 'The Manitou' e-book. I love e-books for convenience and price. Includes the intro.
PybobFan site for many authors including GM. Link is to the GM page with some links to reviews.
Richard Laymon Same VeinGood review of 'Prey'
Twilight Showcase'13 Questions for the Manitou Man' interview.
Sweet DespiseIan Davey's fan site. Good stuff including another interview. Am I the only bloke in town without an interview? Damn, good thing for this links page...
French ReviewTranslated French Review of the Djinn.
Serendipity's CircleStrange roleplaying twist on the Night Warriors series.
Hunger episode listingThree of Graham's stories were translated into teleplays for 'The Hunger'. Here's a description of one.
Yahoo GM ForumGM discussion forum on Yahoo.
Another french fan siteDo the French do anything except read Masterton? I'm not sure...
Dark Pages BookshopContains review of 'Prey'.
British Fantasy Con XXIII HomepageHomepage for Fantasy Con XXIII with some great pics of GM and Matt Williams
Translated French Review of PreyI'm killing myself with these Google translations. "Of a rat certain old men of the village say. A rat? Yes, they, even their grandparents affirm feared it" haha-ha!
Easter Egg ArchiveWhy does Stephen King have those characters named Masterton?
Stanley WiaterWebsite for author of 'Dark Dreamers' which includes quotes from GM
The Alien OnlinePage about the 'Digital Deviant' Matt Williams, Masterton expert, editor and webmeister!
Charnel MusicIndustrial Music house that changed it's name from Charnel House "due to a problem with a horror book publisher". Interesting
Polish SitePolish site with a long list of Graham's books in Polish. Shows you how much of his catalog has made it over there.
Visimag dot comReview of Snowman from Shivers #77.
Visimag dot comReview of Maniotu Man.
PaintedRock dot comReview of Prey.
PaintedRock dot comReview of House That Jack Built.
Horror Writers AssociationGM is a member.
James Herbert Fantastic Fiction PageNotice what James Herbert recommends.
Confessions of a Horror WriterEarly interview of GM by Matt Williams.
Cuban GirlsBand with a song entitled 'I Like Graham Masterton' (see the Alabama EP)
The LabyrinthStrange roleplaying episode based on episode of the hunger based on story Secret Shi Tan by GM
Masters of TerrorFan site with overview of GM and several of his books
J Street HumourVery amusing article by Jennifer Layton about learning to flirt with some help from an article by GM
Erotic HorrorPage with an overview of erotic horror and The Hot Blood Series to which GM was a regular contrbutor
Book ReviewsReviews of Hot Blood series
Kevin MurphyArtsist whose work has graced the covers of Masterton. Claim to fame is the Rollign Stones 'Bridges to Babylon' cover which apparently lauched him as a fine artist. No Masterton specific stuff here, but interesting enough
KimotaReview of Manitou Man
Under the CoversReview of Kiss and Kill with a big nod to GM
Infinity PlusReview of 'The Unexplained' collection which contains 'The Irish Question'
Internet Movie DatabaseIMDB page on 'The Manitou'
MovieGoodsCommercial site with posters and stills from 'The Manitou' for sale
Famous MastertonsSome guy named Masterton put this page up about famous people who share his name, includes GM
Debased dot comThis is a great link, it's to a 1972 Penthouse interview with the dear departed William S. Burroughs that was conducted by GM and Andrew Rossabi. We miss you Bill!
Eternal NightHorror fan site that hangs off of Gauntlet Press, they have a page on GM but right now it's just a short list of his books. Looks like more may be coming.
Menstuff dot orgMale interest site, with recommnedation and description of GM book 'Wild Sex for New Lovers'. It was their recommended book of the month for Febraury.
Penguin PutnamPenguin Putnam search for 'Masterton'.
Hall Mystery dot comReview of 'Cat Crimes for the Holidays' which includes a story by GM.
Olmstead PressPage on their trade paperback edition of 'The Manitou'.
Graham Masterton lu en France - French Fan SiteNice site in French with GM info.
Ténèbres n°7 - French Mag containing interview with Graham Masterton.
Visions of Terror Amazing Horror site containing GM bibliography among others.
Darryl Sloan - Books ReadDarryl Sloan, a horror author does a quick review of House of Bones.
VerotikaLink to page where you can buy comic 'Verotika' which contains a graphic version of one my favorite GM short stories, Rococco.
Alt FactorPage in Greek with Picture and short bibliography.
100 best horror stories of all timeDick Crowe tells us what's best. MAsterton makes the list 4 times for 'The Irish Question', 'J.R.E. Posnford', 'The Grey Madonna', and 'Rococco'.
TelosReview of Urban Gothic from the publisher of that great tome and the upcoming 25th anniversary edition of 'The Manitou'.
Sci-Fi Fan dot comList of Masterton's books and where you can buy them.
Terror Tales dot orgReveiw of Snowman/The Terror omnibus edition on this truly amazing horror site. Rook-em Danno.
Book MagList of GM novels along with links to Amazon meta-search for each.
DarkEchoList of 113 best horror novels of all time. Night Warriors is number 71 (from a book by Stanley Waiter)
GreyMatterReview of Prey on a personal site
FictionWiseInteresting to see, e-book editions of The Hymn and The Manitou.