Title: Heartbreaker
Artist: uncredited
Publisher: Star
Year: 1978
Synopsis: GM's first Historical saga
Comments: This is an ultra-rare edition of GM's first historical saga, Heartbreaker, provided by Kevin Etheridge. Let's let Kevin tell it:
attached are copies of the covers of 'Heartbreaker' by GM as Katherine Winston - his first historical novel. Quite a nice read, but seemingly rare as hell. I have never seen one of these advertised on Ebay or any other auctionsite on the net, in the four years I've been online - the only other place I have seen a copy is in the British Library in London. I've advertised for this in book collector mags and on the net, and in the end found my copy in Oxfam charity shop would you believe - It pays to check charity shops out, as some real rarities can be located.
I live in the U.S. so I would assume charity shop = thrift store here. All I ever find at Thrift Stores are copies of 'The Omen' and old Partridge Family Albums.