Title: Flights of Fear
Artist: Derek Colligan
Publisher: Severn House
Year: 1995
Synopsis: Severn House short story collection from 1995.
Comments: Great illustration. This collection contains:
  • Egg
  • The Gray Madonna
  • J R E Ponsford
  • Voodoo Child
  • Sex Object
  • The Taking of Mr Bill
  • Rug
  • Mother of Invention
  • Bridal Suite
  • The Root of all Evil
  • Will
  • The Heart of Helen Day
  • The Jajouka Scarab
  • Absence of Beast

If Graham's stories are flights of fear I think all of us who look at this site have earned lots of frequent flyer miles.

Thanks to "St. Mariano of the Ritual" Baino.

Title: Les escales du cauchemar
Publisher: Pocket
Synopsis: Short story collection from 1995.
Comments: A Pocket French edition of this short story collection. Thanks to Laurent Pannequin for this one.