Title: Fear Magazine December 1990
Artist: uncredited
Year: 1990
Synopsis: UK Horror Periodical containing 'Hurry Monster'
Comments: Lars-Ove sends us this edition of Fear Magazine from the UK. This edition contains the GM story 'Hurry Monster' and has a great illustration by Ronn Sutton and Dan Day.

Title: Fear Magazine September 1989
Year: 1989
Synopsis: UK Horror Periodical
Comments: Don Cool sends us this copy of Fear with a GM inspired cover. Let's let Don tell us about it:
Thought you might like to add this to your site purely on the basis that it features a professional artist's interperetation of the dogboys from NIGHT PLAGUE. Ah yes, FEAR magazine was truly the best magazine ever published. Did you ever buy it? It was the magazine for horror literature and film and I was gutted when it finally folded (for financial reasons, I assume). I even had a GM-related letter published in there one month! It was far superior to DARKSIDE which came along a few years later and concentrated far too much on trashy cannibal films and dodgy softcore rubbish.